Divergent Ventures invests in Seattle based PushSpring


Divergent Ventures is proud to disclose its Fall 2015 investment in Seattle based PushSpring. We believe that PushSpring provides a new opportunity for growth while providing the same quality of seed and series ‘A’ investments that investors have come to expect from Divergent Ventures.

The PushSpring Investment

PushSpring is a current leader in mobile app analytics products and audience data. The market advantage of PushSpring lies in the newfound precision that marketers have in tailoring their offerings to a truly customized audience. The new application allows marketers to customize an application directly to an individual user or deliver an advertisement that seems personal, taking full advantage of the localization characteristics that mobile technology offers.

The PushSpring platform also allows marketers to analyze the trends that its audience creates more accurately, allowing each business to create its own independent solution to target its defined audience.

With its unique and precise data, derived from proprietary technology and analysis, PushSpring fits directly into our data driven applications theme.  PushSpring is on the cutting edge of tailoring big data in a more precise way for unique insights that create more effective customer profiles for individual companies. The proprietary technology drills down into literally billions of validated data signals to create millions of Persona profiles that can be used by marketers to drive their marketing and advertising efforts.

PushSpring is based in Seattle. Although Divergent Ventures invests nationally, we have always looked first to the burgeoning market in Seattle, a hotbed for profitable information technology companies over the past decade.  Divergent joined Trilogy Partners in Seattle who led the investment.  Divergent Managing Director Kevin Ober will serve as a board observer at PushSpring

Why PushSpring is a Good Fit

PushSpring has the proprietary intellectual property and has a data size advantage relative to competitors in the space, and with its recent team expansion, the company has terrific long term potential.  The Divergent Ventures IV fund looks toward the future of business, and that future includes applications that apply a critical eye of precision to big data analysis.


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